f(x) & Anna Kendrick

Since I will watch pretty much anything Anna Kendrick does, I was watching this video:

And then I (obviously) had to look up that catchy song, so this morning I was listening to this:



Exercise and the heat

So Cologne was great. There was somewhat of an Indian summer weekend with 28C, and my energetic friends made me move much more than I’m comfortable with, but that’s alright, cause I also got good food and cuddles from a 1 yo (apparently I’m the first person she’s cuddled with on her own initiative, aren’t I special?). But I’m knackered today. Make it end.

Meanwhile, I can’t get over this song:


Skincare Tag pt 1.

The Endless Blog Challenge.

I’m off to Germany for the weekend to visit little L and her parents (the kid’s almost a year, that’s crazy!). Obviously had to get the little one a present for her first birthday, and as always I refuse to get something gendered. BRIO blocks ftw?

I leave you with this:

Skincare tag pt 1. This is an old tag created by makeupTIA. In total, it’s 12 questions, but I’m splitting it up into 3 parts, simply because I’m a big believer in the short post. These are the first 4 questions:

  1. What is your skin type? Combination – oily t-zone and rest normal (ish? how do you know?)
  2. How do you store your skincare?  Like this:
  3. Favorite ingredient? Eh. What? I’m not that into skincare.
  4. Most indulgent product? The whole bunch from Paula’s Choice I guess… cause you know, I’m sure it’d still be perfectly acceptable with less expensive products.

Feminist Friday

The Endless Blog Challenge.

Feminist Friday. I’ve got something specific in mind: a book with a feminist theme that you really like, fiction or non-fiction.

This is a repeat – I’ve mentioned this book in the TTT posts as well, but it holds up. It’s called Egalia’s Daughters, and was written by Norwegian author Gerd Brantenberg in the 70:ies. Somehow it seems the English translation has gotten an addition to the title, and is called Egalia’s Daughters: A Satire of the Sexes.


Women are paid a pregnancy salary for being pregnant and giving birth, after which the man takes responsibility for raising the children (the woman already did the main task of actually creating life). There are no housewives, there are househusbands. No bras, but pras (well, not sure how that’s been translated into English. they have “bras for penises” that boys are encouraged to wear once they reach puberty, to protect their fragile man-parts).

It’s been a few years since I read this, so I honestly don’t remember that much details. I’ll do a re-read soon and revisit this though. What I do remember, is that it really made me realize how Swedish is male-oriented – the general “one” (as in “one could say”) is in Swedish “man”. But not in this book, here it’s “dam”.



It’s been mentioned before, and will be mentioned again: I don’t watch scary movies. I don’t enjoy being scared, and that’s where I’ve dawn the line. Books are (mostly) OK, and the same goes for tv-shows.

That being said, I recently watched 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, and despite having read the book a few years ago (a year ago?), that shit was horrible. Note: not quality-wise, but contents. It was so creepy and terrible that I had nightmares. The last time I had nightmares was when reading Game of Thrones just before sleeping, just saying. Probably not a good idea to watch it if sexual assault is a trigger for you, but if it’s not, I’d advise you to watch it. The story is told by Hannah. The thing is, she killed herself and left tapes (13… ) with the reasons/stories that led to her demise. It’s brutal and at times disgusting, but it’s also the most realistic depiction of teenagers and teenage life I’ve seen.