100 Day Song Challenge – #2

Next day in the song challenge calls for “a song that makes you laugh”. I don’t usually walk around laughing at music, so this was a bit trickier. I’ve settled for this song which has a video that made me laugh the first time(s) I saw it. It’s been mentioned before on this blog, but there’s no getting around that.

100 Day Song Challenge – #1

Lists and challenges are what keep me blogging. So here’s a new one introduced to me by Lisa Anniesette – 100 Day Song Challenge. And just like her I can say already that this won’t be done in 100 straight days but whenever I feel like it.

For the first day the theme is “a song that makes you smile”. I was going to say “easy!”, but then I realized that the song I wanted to use is not on youtube… This part of the song always makes me smile:

Andrea and me, we swam after each other
After each other in the community pool
I’m not good at talking while exercising
If you say something funny, Andrea, I’ll drown

I guess I’ll settle for this then. Zombies meets office workers.