November summary

Wait, what? November’s gone already? How did this happen?

The books:

Jenny Colgan’s Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery
Jared Diamond’s Guns, germs, and steel: the fates of human societies
Mia Skäringers Dyngkåt och hur helig som helst
Ashley Poston’s Geekerella (Once Upon a Con #1)
Madeline Miller’s Circe
Neal Shusterman’s Thunderhead (Arc of a Scythe #2)
Malin Persson Giolitos Bara ett barn (Sophie Weber #1)
Sophie Kinsella’s Finding Audrey
Liz Fenwick’s The Cornish House

The shows:

Agents of Shield

The movies:

The Princess Switch



October wrap-up

The books:

Mary Beard’s Women & Power: A Manifesto
Neal Shusterman’s Scythe (Arc of a Scythe #1)
Kerstin Thorvalls Det mest förbjudna
Annika Estassys Gröna fingrar sökes
Frances Hardinge’s The Lie Tree
Emma Hambergs Late Bloomer
Katarina Wennstams En riktig våldtäktsman: En bok om samhällets syn på våldtäkt
Jenny Colgan’s Little Beach Street Bakery
Jenny Colgan’s Summer at the little beach street bakery
Hanna Rosin’s The end of men: and the rise of women
Ylva Elvin-Nowaks Att göra kön – om vårt våldsamma behov av att vara kvinnor och män

So. Apparently I can still read serious books, but only if I take turns with easy-read fiction. So that’s OK with me. From this month’s reads, I’d recommend Scythe and The end of men: and the rise of women. Katarina Wennstam is, as always, interesting to read and meticulously researched, but alas only available in Swedish.

The shows:

Parks & Recreations
Agents of SHIELD
Great News
The Good Cop

The movies:

Ocean’s Eight
Borg vs McEnroe

August wrap-up

My baby brother (I mean, yeah, he’s almost 34, but still baby brother to me) came to visit, and I didn’t touch my computer (barely the phone), so the week 35 post was never made. There aren’t many pictures either, since the ones I made are mainly of my brother eating/drinking stuff (to send to mom), which I won’t post due to privacy stuff. HOWEVER. It was wonderful. Probably the most enjoyable time I’ve spent with either of my brothers? We walked a lot, biked a lot, saw Leiden, the Hague, and beaches. Like this:



Katie Cotugno’s Top Ten
Sofia Nordin’s Som om jag vore fantastisk
Sofia Nordin’s Om du såg mig nu
Chibundu Onuzo’s Welcome to Lagos
Jandy Nelson’s The Sky Is Everywhere


Elder Millenial (Iliza Shlesinger’s Netflix special)
Ant Man & the Wasp
The Bookshop
Lady Bird
Please stand by

Elder Millenial was funny (I mean, it’s a stand up special so it should be), but my favorite was Please stand by.


Fresh Meat
Final Space
Buffy (finishing off what I began like 2 years ago…)
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

week 32/ an extensive one



We drove around a lot for 4 days, and what did I make pictures of? Waterfalls and kittens, that’s what.

The kittens people! Totally adorable. They’re 8 weeks old, climb up on you and fall asleep in your lap while purring. Irresistible.

Reading list

Not a great reading week because I had literally no alone time, and feel the need to actively hang out with my family when I’m actually there. I did pick this up at Amsterdam airport, and read about a third on the way there though:




I quite liked this cheap serum from Swedish Kronan pharmacy, so it was time to repurchase.

July summary

The books:

Naomi Klein’s No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need
Katraina Wennstam’s Flickan och skammen: En bok om samhällets syn på slampor (Eng: the girl and the shame: a book about society’s view of sluts)
Lisa Bjärbo’s Inuti huvudet är jag kul
Jesmyn Ward’s Sing, unburied, sing
Sofia Nordin’s En sekund i taget
Sofia Nordin’s Spring så fort du kan
Jay Asher’s What light

Look at me read! The last 3 and Lisa Bjärbo’s book are all YA, and this is what made this happen. So easy to read! Good story-lines, well written characters, and less than 300 pages long.

The movies:

Gar nichts! Helemaal niets! Ingen alls!

Or, I mean, I did see Back to the Future I & II, cause they were on TV on Saturday. I didn’t make it all the way through cause I got tired, but apparently they were also followed by III. Oh well.

The shows:
Orphan Black

We started watching Lucifer* since my friend Sandra recommended it. Oh man, it’s good! It took me like two episodes to realize that Lucifer is the same guy who played Gary in Miranda. Ooh, Miranda… I’ll have to re-watch that, don’t I.



*edit: also! Lucifer is apparently based on (someone?) from Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman.

load off my shoulders & more books

Today I finished my part of a big (ish) project at work, and I hadn’t realized how much this was weighing me down until I sent the email saying “I’m done”. Phew. And that on a Friday no less, talk about weekend feeling.

Last Friday I went to the bookstore that’s close to the office during a break, and of course I bought two books – these fellas:

I’ve read the Female Eunuch before, but that’s something like 15 years ago for my bachelor’s thesis (yes, I’m old). And these first pages have me very excited to read it again:


Internet book club?

And, as a final, small note that should please Lisa, Spotify suggested this song to me in this week’s Release Radar:

June wrap-up

The books:
Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the Flood
Anders Rydell’s The Book Thieves: The Nazi Looting of Europe’s Libraries and the Race to Return a Literary Inheritance
Giulia Enders’ Charmen med tarmen: Allt om ett av kroppens mest underskattade organ
Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam
Hans Rosling’s Factfulness

Look at this, 5 whole books, that’s not too shabby! Thanks Lisa for the push to finish off the MaddAddam trilogy. While I enjoyed Oryx & Crake, the second two parts were even better. It’s been a while since I was so engulfed in a made up universe (think that was when I read this).

The movies:
Solo: A Star Wars Story

The shows:
Penny Dreadful (finished!)
Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father
Fresh Meat
Orphan Black