Week 49 / almost fully filled in


Still going strong on the Christmas music!


While I haven’t immersed myself in the year summary from Spotify (yet), I’m listening to my most played songs of this year as we speak. It’s like a best-of curated by me, so obviously I find it amazingly good.


Still off the first two (and facebook). Did watch this (was lured in by Tom Hiddleston, stayed cause it’s absolutely lovely to hear people be so enthusiastic about literature) :


I watched two movies yesterday Sierra Burgess is a Loser & I’m Not an Easy Man. Both were good, and both have pretty crap ratings on imdb. What’s wrong with people?


Going to Amsterdam tonight to see Icelander Axel Flóvent perform. Looking forward to it! (Also, A’dam is 35 min away by train now. Just saying.)


November summary

Wait, what? November’s gone already? How did this happen?

The books:

Jenny Colgan’s Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery
Jared Diamond’s Guns, germs, and steel: the fates of human societies
Mia Skäringers Dyngkåt och hur helig som helst
Ashley Poston’s Geekerella (Once Upon a Con #1)
Madeline Miller’s Circe
Neal Shusterman’s Thunderhead (Arc of a Scythe #2)
Malin Persson Giolitos Bara ett barn (Sophie Weber #1)
Sophie Kinsella’s Finding Audrey
Liz Fenwick’s The Cornish House

The shows:

Agents of Shield

The movies:

The Princess Switch


Week 47 / i’m just too lazy

I cooked a lot! My partner was gone Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (like, not in a “row”, but missed dinner all days).

It’s this time now:


Youtube suggested an Arjan Lubach clip to me (about the racist tradition that is zwarte Piet, Santa’s black-faced helpers), and I quite enjoy it. It’s like John Oliver/Seth Meyers, but in Dutch (and somewhat less PC, cause you know, he’s still Dutch):

Good practice for your Dutch! (There are also English captions, if anyone’s actually making an attempt to watch it.)


Blogtober – #29

29. Tell us about your fave gig/concert/festival performance.

The first show where I remember really being wowed, and realizing that music could be so much more than what I’d heard on albums, was at Umeå Open (in Swedish city Umeå). There were two bands there that really blew me away:

(I mean, please also note that the singer was selected as Elle’s sexiest man in Sweden in 2004.)

After that, there are two bands that deserve a mention, namely these Norwegians:

To this day my favorite live band all categories. And then these Icelanders, in the band I’ve seen live the most times:

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