Week 11 / when it was super windy


Adventurous L was back in Europe to visit family/friends for a month, and we met up in Rotterdam to catch up. As long as I’ve known her she’s been talking about pho, so we went to her favorite place there and I’m sold. More Vietnamese food! Today she starts her journey back to Papua New Guinea, which will take 5 days…




I’ve stopped coloring my hair! While the main reason was that I didn’t feel like spending 2-3 hours at the hairdresser every 4-5 weeks, I’ve now turned it into a “let’s see how grey my hair actually is” and “no man I know goes through that, so why would I voluntarily do so?”.


week 5 / all about the beets

We had a beet-risotto on Sunday. I was skeptical, and it wasn’t my choice, but boy was it delicious!



Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 12.13.21

This week was the Swedish Championships in cross-country skiing. Not something I normally watch, but my mom sent the message “it’s in Sundsvall! if you tune in you can see fairy-tale like scenery”. So I did, and indeed it was. So much snow! Also, having grown up in Sweden, this is some weird comfort thing for me – having the TV on in the background in the weekend, showing skiing (cross-country or downhill). It almost brings me back to lazy Sundays spent at my grandparents.

Week 1 / let’s do this again


After all the Christmas food it was quite nice to get back into the habitual eating of lots of veggies (and no desserts!)


I’ve started my own sourdough, and have been watching videos on how to get your best sourdough breads. Standing in the way of this at the moment, is our crappy IKEA oven that only goes to 230 C, when most sourdough breads call for 250 C. What?


Bodyshop lured me in with their sale (got two hand creams for half off), but also bought this one, which was at full price:




week 45 / during which I was gone


While we cooked dinner most days, lunch was apparently a free for all, and I had mainly vegetarian/vegan food (so many choices!) but this is what I made a picture of, and it was delicious:



So much music! I guess that kind of happens when you go to a music festival?


Circe by Madeline Miller. I bought it based on a recommendation by Felicia Day, not even checking what it would be about, and before reading feared it’d be quite dry (as it tends to be when talking about ancient gods). It was not! Very enjoyable read.


Inevitably, the festival has their own app to make it somewhat manageable to keep track of who you want to watch, and where and when. They’d redone it from previous years, and it was sadly less good 😦 Still got us where we wanted most of the time, but we did miss some artists, and waited for others that never showed up… Room for improvement Iceland Airwaves!


I mean, can we count the thermal pools as a beauty measure? At least for the soul? I so badly want to live where you have these… Oh, and I bought a lipstick called Frog Prince. It’s green.


Chocolate! Books! Icelandic Christmas cake! Oh, and dried fish for my SO. Which he’d specifically requested. I live with a weirdo.

4 things in my pantry

This post is part of the Endless Blog Challenge.

4 things in my pantry. Maybe you want to say a word or two about them? Such as what your plans are for them?

I love sourdough bread, but it’s not very common here. The last year I’ve been thinking I should start my own culture for it, but yeah. So when I was home for Christmas I found this, and promptly brought 2 back. Now I just gotta use them before they expire. Mom suggested that I could maybe use one as a start of my own culture?


The range of peanut butter is growing here in NL, this is the latest one I’ve tried and it claims to be 100% peanuts:


In some things I’m really Swedish. Like when I feel I really need some knäckebröd:


Fair chain coffee (from here). Almost time to order more!


Environmental Awareness

I’ll continue with the Endless Blog Challenge, because it makes my blogging life so much easier!

FIVE DAYS OF ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS. I’ve been thinking of ThaTaylaa‘s 15 days of foundation, which is such a fun idea, but, as mentioned, I’m in the middle of Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything, and I’m not in a encourage-consumption type of mood. Instead, let’s take five days and reflect on our consumption

I’m horribly bad at preparing lunches for work days, and I almost always feel bad about it, because then I end up buying stuff every day instead.

This week, however, I have lunches! For all days! And they’re all vegetarian (2 days even vegan, how about that?). I’d share pictures, but while delicious, they aren’t very photogenic.

And also, this (NS is the train company here):


Wine Me & Dine Me

The Endless Blog Challenge of this week has a food related topic:

CAN I TAKE YOUR DRINK ORDER? If we’re going to be able to deal with a new semester, or getting back to work after summer for that matter, and going to the gym, we’re going to need a drink. What 5 drinks are you likely to order?

WHAT’S FOR DINNER? With all this going to the gym and drinking, who has the time to slave in the kitchen? Share a go-to quick and easy dinner!

Well, this one is not that quick, but relatively few steps! Potato & pesto pizza!

Slice the potatoes and roast them in the oven (I like to add some garlic in there, because that makes any food better) until nice and crispy/brown.

Smear the pizza with pesto, and put the potatoes on there. Add some rosemary and salt for taste (if you’re being extravagant I guess mozzarella works fine as well?), and cook until the pizza’s done. Delicious!

As for the drinks*:

  1. Beer. Lame, I know, but it almost always works! Dark beer in the winter, light/white for the summer. Or take a walk on the wild side with some fruit beer? Bonus here is that it’s always drinkable, not like wine where you can really taste the difference. Even the cheapest beer will still taste like… well, beer.
  2. Gin & Tonic. As long as it’s with decent gin.
  3. Piña Colada. Pineapple + booze, what can go wrong?
  4. Margarita. I just tried this for the first time when we took my mom to a tapas restaurant (“today is Margarita Monday, they are half the price!”). It will surely not be the last!
  5. Grüner Veltliner. I’m not much of a wine snob (just, please, not the house wine!), but this is my favorite white wine (grape).

Margarita in a glass

*I interpreted this as only alcoholic drinks, cause why else bother?