So Many Shows, So Little Time

The Endless Blog Challenge.

On my to-watch list. Any type material you plan on watching.

My list on Netflix is very, very long, but I’ll limit this to shows, since that’s a harder project to start than simply watching a movie. In no specific order:

  • Crazy ex-girlfriend
  • New Girl
  • Gilmore Girls
  • The Fall
  • Stranger Things
  • The Americans
  • Penny Dreadful
  • Designated Survivor

Woman Crush Wednesday

WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY. The idea is to write about a woman you love for some reason. (..but it can’t be just because she’s attractive. Because I say so. Because it’s boring.)

Yay, this topic again! (And I agree, every week is a bit excessive, this works fine!) Now it’s time for Anna Kendrick, who I first saw in Pitch Perfect (yes, that movie AGAIN), and only later did I realize that she’s very funny also off-screen. And she curses and stuff on twitter, which is an added bonus to me. I ordered her book on a dodgy UK website, and they are being super slow with shipping. Maybe I’ll get it, maybe I won’t!



September Summary

SEPTEMBER SUMMARY. Or September favorites, whatever you want to call it! Some sort of wrap up of September.

This was a very good reading month. Partially because of Storytel and the audiobooks I actually enjoyed. And all the feminism, I’m loving it.

The Books:
Kerstin Ekman’s Händelser vid vatten (Blackwater)
Carin Holmberg’s Det kallas manshat
Dave Eggers The Circle
Chika Unigwe’s On Black Sisters’ Street
Nina Björk’s Under det rosa täcket (Under the pink duvet)
Annika Lantz’s Vad ska en flicka göra (What’s a girl to do)
Amanda Lovelace’s The Princess Saves Herself in this One
Katarina Wennstam Flickan och skulden (The Girl and the Guilt)
Felicia Day You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)
Simon Pegg Nerd Do Well
Lois Lowry The Giver

I wanted to love Ekman’s book, like really, since she seems to be an awesome person. But I’m like “meh”. The first half was somewhat of a struggle, and at no point did I warm up to any of the characters in it. Equally lacking interesting characters was The Circle. Like, I enjoyed reading it, but I will never recommend it to anyone because of shallow (female) main person. Wennstam’s book is the worst thing (qua contents, not writing) I have ever read. Still makes me sick just thinking of it, and how can you even believe in the judicial system of your country after reading it? So after that I had to read something lighter, and went for two autobiographies. Day’s was by far the more enjoyable, and she had me giggling a bunch of times. Pegg’s was somewhat of a disappointment, mainly focusing on him as a kid and with a weird side-story.

The Movies:
The Circle
The Hitman’s Bodyguard
Despicable Me 3
Cirkeln (note: not related in any way to the first movie in this list)
Star Wars – Rogue One

The Shows:
Agent of Shield (finished season 4)
Fargo (season 3)
13 Reasons Why
The Orville
Star Trek: Discovery

The Music:

Other stuff:
A wedding! Two 50+ people tied the knot.
A live show of a podcast! (Welcome to Nightvale on European tour)

New podcast:
Postpatriarkatet (tack Lisa för tips!)

The Giver – Book versus Movie #3

Full disclosure: I initially decided to watch this movie when my celebrity crush was Alexander Skarsgård. Not that it’s relevant for this review, I just wanted to let you know.

Whoa, I like it! Meryl! Jeff! Grey and gloomy dystopia is kind of my thing, and this is literally gray – as in they don’t see colors! (Sorry, I’ll try to limit the ! usage from now on.) Even TS is in the movie. And I buy it. Sure, they reveal pretty early on where the movie’s going (and it does), but it was alright anyway. As I sympathize with the vulcans, the whole “precision of language” thing appeals to me.

I think I also have to address how ugly the movie poster is though. Really? Hovering faces in the sky?

So this e-book is only 132 pages long, that feels a bit short?
And look, the book’ll have few surprises when you’ve already seen the main storyline in the movie, but it’s still nice. There are some details they just brushed past in the movie that get more space here though, like the giving of memories. The whole release thing is also kept obscured for longer, which gives a more shocking effect once revealed.

With this topic, it did feel like they are weirdly defendant of the whole capitalism/individualism we live by. Which is fine, sure, I just wish at least one of these dystopian books would end more like 1984.

The Circle – Book versus Movie #2

As previously mentioned, a college lent me The Circle. If not, I don’t think I would’ve read it (the name and cover do nothing for me, and it’s written by a man). This post contains some spoilers.

The Book:
I had some conflicting feelings when reading the book, mainly having to do with the (lack of) depth of the female lead. Throughout the whole book she is this receptacle who just accepts that the Circle (think bigger than Google & FB) are good, no matter what they do. Meanwhile, she’s surrounded by men who are telling her the TRUTH. But she’s basically too stupid to get it. And don’t get me started on her “relationship” with Francis. FFS.

“Mae knew the easy trick that had been played upon her. He was thin, and without any muscle tone, his eyes were weak, and he had a pronounced problem with premature ejaculation, yet simply because she’d seen the lust in Jackie’s eyes, Mae found herself wanting to be alone with him again. She wanted to bring him into her room that night.” (I don’t know the page, I was too annoyed to make a note)

“”C’mon. You can’t listen to a lunatic like that,” Francis said.
“What does she know? Some crank somewhere with a tin-foil hat.”
Mae smiled, not knowing what the tin-foil hat reference meant, but knowing she’d heard her father say it, and it made her smile to think of him saying it.” (p. 393)

However, if you ignore the poorly built characters, I enjoyed the storyline itself, and kept reading cause I really wanted to see how it would end.

The Movie:
While reading the book, I realized that Emma Watson was in the movie, so obviously I had to watch that as well, despite the 5.3 rating.

And I have to say, I didn’t find it that bad. Having read the book, you know what’s going on, but it feels like the story has some gaps. That’s of course understandable when turning a book into a (less than) 2 hour movie. Emma’s great of course, and Tom Hank’s alright (although in my head, Eamon looked more like ABBA-Benny). And I’m happy to report that FRANCIS DOESN’T EXIST. And Mae’s smarter than in the book.


When the Zombies Attack

I was trying to come up with a Feminist Friday post, but drew a blank. So instead it’s time for this one.

While I don’t like scary movies (because seriously, what is the point with movies like Saw? I’m doing very well without being grossed out, freaked out, and turning (more) paranoid), scary books are mostly ok. But my favorites are the ones including zombies. Not scary zombies like in the remake of Dawn of the Dead, mind you, but slow zombies, like in the original.Basically, I guess I want the zombie books to have an ulterior theme, where it turns into criticism of how we live today. Examples from the movie world would be Shaun of the Dead* and Warm Bodies. In the book-world, I have clear favorites, as readers of this blog might know: the Newsflesh trilogy and.. *drumroll* David Moody’s Autumn series.

Actually, the alternative title for this post is “How the autumn series made me think unreasonably much about what I would do if everyone else turned into zombies.”

So this series consists of 6 books, that are more or less intertwined. Some characters appear later on, most do not. Some books contain short stories, some do not.

  • Autumn
  • Autumn: The City
  • Autumn: Purification
  • Autumn: The Human Condition
  • Autumn: Disintegration
  • Autumn: Aftermath

One day, most of civilization (we assume! – there is no electricity, so no contact with the “outside” world) dies. The survivors are surrounded by heaps and heaps of dead bodies, as they scramble to find other living humans.

Then the dead start walking (obviously, how else do you get zombies?). They aren’t malevolent per se, but when in groups they kind of attack (tear apart) the living. That’s pretty much all I’ll say about that, cause if this subject interests you the least, you should read the books.

Some of the survivors escape to a deserted island, some hide in a castle, some on the countryside. And so on.

So, inevitably, one starts thinking – what would I do? The castle isn’t a bad idea, but of course it’d have to be a large enough one to actually grow things inside, and have access to fresh water. (I assume any old wells have been dried out or filled so people won’t fall into them.) Ideally next to a waterway for easy escape. We had a company event at “Forteiland“; this old bunker/fort that was part of Amsterdam’s defence line could be a possible place for the first, shorter, period:


Something I feel they aren’t discussing at ALL in the books are the fucking nuclear power plants. What happens to those? If they aren’t maintained or shut off, they must lead to accidents? (Look, I’m guessing here. If you can reveal to me how this can be solved it’ll make my imaginary zombie-escape plan much easier to deal with. Maybe they have built in fail-safes that us laymen don’t know about?)

In addition to this – the weather! As much as I love Sweden, and that the lack of people is appealing (obvs. less zombies to fight), the weather is not great for surviving without the everyday amenities, nor is it great for growing food stuff. So we’d have to go south (but, again, not too south, because I hate when it’s too warm). Maybe France?

And what about supplies? Like, I know they have (canned/dried) food in France too, so you can pick that up on the way (btw, we’ll need like a small truck… will it be possible to drive? won’t all the dead people’s cars be stuck on the road? so… big truck! But I can’t drive one…). But for stuff like medications? Better bring that from a country where you can read the leaflet. And some books on useful things (like medicine? Growing stuff.. generally handy things) – so stop at a library. Probably those pills for cleaning/filtering water would be very handy. But where do you get those?

This is as far as my thoughts have gone (although, I just googled “remote castles France”). I do evaluate new environments for this though (tower of London? Possibly – but there’s so much people in London that I’m not sure the walls would be enough. Can the old moat be re-enabled for extra protection?). I assume this is perfectly normal.

*Seriously though, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost – how great are their movies? If you haven’t already, you really should watch Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead and Paul. You can thank me later.

August Wrap Up

Inspired by Lise, and prompted by Lisa, here’s another topic from this week’s Endless Blog Challenge – August Wrap Up.

The (Finished) Books:

Elena Ferrante – Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay. Part 3 in the Neapolitan series
Julia Skott – Kroppspanik : fett, lögner och sjukt onödig ångest.
Elena Ferrante – The Story of the Lost Child. Part 4 (final!) of the Neapolitan series.
Alexandra Potter – Don’t you forget about me.
Ursula Poznanski – Die Verratenen.

So I’ve finally finished the Neapolitan series by (pen name) Elena Ferrante. I have to say that the second book was a bit of a lull for me, but it picked up again, and was well worth reading. Julia Skott’s book was an interesting and useful read (that I’ll surely get back to), and then I needed some chick lit to get less depressed.

The Movies:

It seems the movies and series have a slight Skarsgård-clan theme this month. (Father) Stellan in River – about a hallucinating detective grieving his partner, (eldest son) Alex as awkward and a little bit creepy Monroe in Diary of a Teenage Girl, and (oh-I-don’t-know – middle? son) Bill in a supporting role in Atomic Blonde. If you’re only gonna see one of these movies, I’d suggest The Lobster or Manchester by the Sea. Not that the others were bad, but those two have stayed with me.

Atomic Blonde (cinema!)
The Lobster.
Swiss Army Man.
Florence Foster Jenkins.
Diary of a Teenage Girl.
La La Land.
Manchester by the Sea.

The Shows:

Sense8 season 2.
Fargo (started season 3).
Agents of SHIELD (Started season 4).

After the season finale of Sense8, I was/am quite upset that the show’s been cancelled. Sure, finance vs popularity bla bla, but I want to see where the story goes, damnit.

The Songs: