Blogtober – #21

21. What is your favorite song?

Oh come on, like you can choose only one?

Here are four songs I’ve played a lot recently:


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Blogtober – #17

17. Pop your music on shuffle and share the first 10 songs

(Whaaat? I like the theme song, but this I don’t even know why it’s in my Spotify library…)

I totally discovered Afasi & Filthy through John Green’s book, and some songs are just too filthy (no pun intended) for me. But I like this one. (“I couldn’t care less”)

Yeah, still enjoy this one too. Redneck as it may be with the banjo 😀

FM Belfast are – despite the name – Icelanders. I really like their music, and really really cannot stand the live shows. Not due to the music obviously, but they encourage audience participation and are all “jump along”. No thank you.

Ooh, flashback to my teens. How cool is she?!

I mean.. it’s still good, but so slow to get started?

Reggae/ska isn’t my cup of tea, but for some reason I can’t resist Tanya.

Pascal Pinon consists of two Icelandic sisters. This song was written by one of their friends and is in Swedish. They don’t speak or understand Swedish, so I’m pretty impressed (although, you know, Icelandic and Swedish are obviously pretty closely related, but still).

I’m still surprised these Canadian rockers aren’t more well-known.

Aah, my favorite – Annika. One of my favorite songs with her too. Just listen to those lyrics!!

This post is part of the blogtober challenge that you can read more about here.

She did it better (#2)

This weekend I fell down the rabbit hole that is Youtube, and watched lots of music clips. Then I remembered this one (saw a clip where Max Martin got the Polar Prize and mentioned Lasse Holm’s “Växeln hallå” – watched that, then a comment mentioned “Just nu”, which made me think of this). There’s this show on Swedish TV4 where (more or less) well-known artists get together a week and cover each other’s songs. One of the first years, two of the participants were E-Type and Laleh.

This is the original (which I recommend you watch/listen to first):

(This was a hit when I was in high school btw, such was the popular music in end of nineties Sweden.)

Then she did this, and I still get goosebumps from it:

week 32/ an extensive one



We drove around a lot for 4 days, and what did I make pictures of? Waterfalls and kittens, that’s what.

The kittens people! Totally adorable. They’re 8 weeks old, climb up on you and fall asleep in your lap while purring. Irresistible.

Reading list

Not a great reading week because I had literally no alone time, and feel the need to actively hang out with my family when I’m actually there. I did pick this up at Amsterdam airport, and read about a third on the way there though:




I quite liked this cheap serum from Swedish Kronan pharmacy, so it was time to repurchase.

week 31/this one’s actually done in time


As it’s cooled down a bit this week (like, 27-29 C rather than 37 C), we haven’t ordered food! (*pats self on back*) My favorites this week were the Korean beef wraps and the oven baked aubergine with pasta. I would show pictures, but I don’t have any. You can imagine it 😛



I fly to Sweden on Saturday for a week of vacation with the family (and they’ve planned this road trip, meaning we’ll barely be “at home” at all?). Meanwhile the security people at Amsterdam airport are – as far as I understand – taking extra breaks and shit (rather than going on strike), leading to “additional delays” on top of it being the busiest period at the airport since it’s school vacations. Not stressing me out. AT. ALL.

load off my shoulders & more books

Today I finished my part of a big (ish) project at work, and I hadn’t realized how much this was weighing me down until I sent the email saying “I’m done”. Phew. And that on a Friday no less, talk about weekend feeling.

Last Friday I went to the bookstore that’s close to the office during a break, and of course I bought two books – these fellas:

I’ve read the Female Eunuch before, but that’s something like 15 years ago for my bachelor’s thesis (yes, I’m old). And these first pages have me very excited to read it again:


Internet book club?

And, as a final, small note that should please Lisa, Spotify suggested this song to me in this week’s Release Radar:

Welcome home

Disclaimer: I have probably posted this before.

I don’t particularly listen to or enjoy ska/reggae music (I mean, I also don’t hate it, it’s more like “meh”), but this song – which features my favorite artist Annika Norlin – keeps coming back to me. It’s probably not as likable if you don’t understand Swedish, but there you go (I recommend duolingo, where I’m currently working on my Italian. Also, they sing in dialect, so understanding Swedish will only help a bit).