Week 49 / almost fully filled in


Still going strong on the Christmas music!


While I haven’t immersed myself in the year summary from Spotify (yet), I’m listening to my most played songs of this year as we speak. It’s like a best-of curated by me, so obviously I find it amazingly good.


Still off the first two (and facebook). Did watch this (was lured in by Tom Hiddleston, stayed cause it’s absolutely lovely to hear people be so enthusiastic about literature) :


I watched two movies yesterday Sierra Burgess is a Loser & I’m Not an Easy Man. Both were good, and both have pretty crap ratings on imdb. What’s wrong with people?


Going to Amsterdam tonight to see Icelander Axel Flóvent perform. Looking forward to it! (Also, A’dam is 35 min away by train now. Just saying.)


week 45 / during which I was gone


While we cooked dinner most days, lunch was apparently a free for all, and I had mainly vegetarian/vegan food (so many choices!) but this is what I made a picture of, and it was delicious:



So much music! I guess that kind of happens when you go to a music festival?


Circe by Madeline Miller. I bought it based on a recommendation by Felicia Day, not even checking what it would be about, and before reading feared it’d be quite dry (as it tends to be when talking about ancient gods). It was not! Very enjoyable read.


Inevitably, the festival has their own app to make it somewhat manageable to keep track of who you want to watch, and where and when. They’d redone it from previous years, and it was sadly less good 😦 Still got us where we wanted most of the time, but we did miss some artists, and waited for others that never showed up… Room for improvement Iceland Airwaves!


I mean, can we count the thermal pools as a beauty measure? At least for the soul? I so badly want to live where you have these… Oh, and I bought a lipstick called Frog Prince. It’s green.


Chocolate! Books! Icelandic Christmas cake! Oh, and dried fish for my SO. Which he’d specifically requested. I live with a weirdo.

Blogtober – #29

29. Tell us about your fave gig/concert/festival performance.

The first show where I remember really being wowed, and realizing that music could be so much more than what I’d heard on albums, was at Umeå Open (in Swedish city Umeå). There were two bands there that really blew me away:

(I mean, please also note that the singer was selected as Elle’s sexiest man in Sweden in 2004.)

After that, there are two bands that deserve a mention, namely these Norwegians:

To this day my favorite live band all categories. And then these Icelanders, in the band I’ve seen live the most times:

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Blogtober – #17

17. Pop your music on shuffle and share the first 10 songs

(Whaaat? I like the theme song, but this I don’t even know why it’s in my Spotify library…)

I totally discovered Afasi & Filthy through John Green’s book, and some songs are just too filthy (no pun intended) for me. But I like this one. (“I couldn’t care less”)

Yeah, still enjoy this one too. Redneck as it may be with the banjo 😀

FM Belfast are – despite the name – Icelanders. I really like their music, and really really cannot stand the live shows. Not due to the music obviously, but they encourage audience participation and are all “jump along”. No thank you.

Ooh, flashback to my teens. How cool is she?!

I mean.. it’s still good, but so slow to get started?

Reggae/ska isn’t my cup of tea, but for some reason I can’t resist Tanya.

Pascal Pinon consists of two Icelandic sisters. This song was written by one of their friends and is in Swedish. They don’t speak or understand Swedish, so I’m pretty impressed (although, you know, Icelandic and Swedish are obviously pretty closely related, but still).

I’m still surprised these Canadian rockers aren’t more well-known.

Aah, my favorite – Annika. One of my favorite songs with her too. Just listen to those lyrics!!

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She did it better (#2)

This weekend I fell down the rabbit hole that is Youtube, and watched lots of music clips. Then I remembered this one (saw a clip where Max Martin got the Polar Prize and mentioned Lasse Holm’s “Växeln hallå” – watched that, then a comment mentioned “Just nu”, which made me think of this). There’s this show on Swedish TV4 where (more or less) well-known artists get together a week and cover each other’s songs. One of the first years, two of the participants were E-Type and Laleh.

This is the original (which I recommend you watch/listen to first):

(This was a hit when I was in high school btw, such was the popular music in end of nineties Sweden.)

Then she did this, and I still get goosebumps from it: