Feminist Friday

There’s a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” done by Imagine Dragons on Spotify. It’s from a live session, and it starts off with someone in the band chatting a bit, telling the audience that they’re about to perform a song by Swift and, he adds, “I really love the melodies in this song, I think that they’re absolutely brilliant”. At this, the audience laughs and the guy insists that he is serious.


Icelandic wonder Ásgeir was asked to perform a cover of a hit-list song when he visited a Dutch radio show around 3 years ago. He claims to have randomly picked a song based on the title (presumably he, like I, “don’t listen to radio”?), and ended up with Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” which he then performed with his band. When introducing them, the hosts of the shows were audibly giggling at the song choice, as does the artist and his band.

When Justin Bieber is made fun of, it’s rarely about his music, but either about his fangirls or weird behavior. When it’s Taylor Swift however, it’s almost always about who she’s dating, how many people she’s dated, and how it “never” seems to last.

It’s time to realize that this is not “guy talk”. These are not funny jokes that you’ll understand if you just have some sense of humor. This is how everyday sexism and diminishing of a whole gender looks like. I’ve seen some advice for dealing with this, which I plan to try out – instead of laughing or starting a discussion, pretend you don’t get it, and let them explain why their sexist shit is funny.

My favorite falsettos

I remember this one scene (scene I say, but it was definitely reality and unscripted), where I was at a terrace in Amsterdam with colleagues from my old job (best colleagues ever!!). One of the others was/is French, and we had never really talked much about non-work things, until that point, where she said “I love Sigur Rós. To me, that’s the ideal male singing voice.”

Then Lisa made a comment about not being able to get past Zayn’s falsetto! And I honestly hadn’t thought it was possible to dislike it until she said that (but of course it is!). To be fair I don’t really now if any in this list qualifies as “real” falsettos. I just use it vaguely for (mainly male) singers with high singing voices.

My favorite (male) falsetto singers

Jónsi of Sigur Rós:

Bon Iver:


And off I go!

There doesn’t seem to be anything to blog about at the moment. I don’t have time to do it at work, and I can’t come up with anything at home, so that leaves the blog in some sort of limbo.

Yesterday was a much needed public holiday. The weather was awesome and we had in-laws visiting the whole day for belated birthday celebrations. Tonight we fly to Dublin for a weekend trip. (Yes, I am off again. I’m as surprised as you. But it’s only 1 day.)

Can’t wait!