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This Week’s Favorites

This is, again, for the Endless Blog Challenge.

THIS WEEK’S FAVORITES. Weekly feature at The Mustards. Who doesn’t like listing favorites? If you want to make it extra challenging, have theme.

It’s been an uneventful week so far, so this’ll mainly be music. Two songs I’m loving right now:

As I was working from home yesterday, I was listening to this week’s Discover Weekly on Spotify in the background, and suddenly I heard Dutch. It really made me aggressively angry with Spotify, mentally going “WHY?! I don’t listen to anything in Dutch, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?”.

Then, I realized it was Danish. *cough* So yeah. (I haven’t listened to anything in Danish either, but I can live with that appearing in the list.)


I’ve also started using VPN, like a sane person, and it annoys gmail and Youtube to no end. Gmail is all “SECURITY WARNING!!!! someone logged in to your account from another IP” and Youtube does this (note: I’m using a Dutch IP):

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 22.40.06

Dream Lineup

This is part one of Lisa’s Endless Blog Challenge, the prompt went like this:

Fall is almost upon us! This means regular tours. Finally! No more of these pesky festivals. What four bands/singers would you love to see tour together this fall? And at what venue would like them to play?

Hear, hear! Fucking festivals. (Only exception: beloved Iceland Airwaves, and I’m not even going there this year.) For convenience, I’d like them to play in the Netherlands – Melkweg in Amsterdam would be nice. (Yes, I know, totally unrealistic, but no one said this has to be attainable.)

I’ve actually divided this into two separate ones, since due to their different styles, I am unwilling to list what order they should play in otherwise.

#1 – a.k.a. Icelandic invasion:
Sigur Rós
FM Belfast

#2 -a.k.a. Super Swedes:
Little Jinder
Annika Norlin (a.k.a. Säkert! and/or Hello Saferide)
Veronica Maggio
The Hives

No words

As I’m off to Cologne (Köln!) to meet friend V and her new baby (yeah yeah, and her husband), my mind is in Stockholm. The love that her inhabitants are showing each other is amazing. And then there are people like author Fredrik Backman: 

“I realise that this is a small thing in the big thing that’s going on this weekend, but anyone who’s in central Stockholm can go to akademibokhandeln at odenplan and buy any children’s book, and I’ll pay for it.”

(Yeah, it continues a bit, but this first part gives an idea on what it’s about. )

Feminist Friday

While watching ukulele teacher’s videos, I came across Grace VanderWaal (regarding the spelling; really? Here it’d be van der Waal, and in Belgium pretty much any spelling… – Van Der Waal, Vanderwaal etc). And her voice is just crazy!

And then I listened to Anna Faris’ is Unqualified with Zach Levi as guest, and although I almost stopped the podcast when he was eating and talking (yes, seriously), I’m happy I didn’t, cause it was a good one. You can listen to it here.

Ooops I did it again

…it appears I went on a (short) vacation again and just completely neglected/forgot about the blog. Oh well, more about that in another post.

Last weekend we celebrated our 11 year anniversary (yes, we’re officially old people) and went out for dinner and stayed overnight in Leiden. Before you think we’re romantic and stuff, know that this was initiated by my partner having to play chess in Leiden the day after. It just happened to coincide with the anniversary.

It’s a very pretty city:


Can I also  just state how relieved I am about the results in the Dutch elections? Sleazy Wilders gained 4 seats, which is 5 seats less than he got in the 2010 elections, and the crazy religious people did poorly. (And the green party did very well, so win-win-win!)