Accidental nerd-drop

Hehehe. So, colleague #3 in this post just asked me an IT question (since I’ve somehow turned into the unofficial IT support in our team), and I answered “have you tried logging out and in again?”, upon which the colleague started laughing and went “have you tried turning it off and on again?” (like so. if you don’t get it).

This one’s a keeper!



Listen to the words I say

I struggle with a colleague. In my team of 5, there are 4 introverts and 1 extrovert. This extrovert is seriously killing me. This person doesn’t listen to all the words I say, just some, and then they make an interpretation of what was said. I’m not sure if this is due to the outgoing nature of the person, but to me they’re linked.


(me): Well I see that it’s wrong, but I’m not sure if they have to change something in the background too, so it’s better if you ask them to fix it so that everything goes right.

(colleague, 10 minutes later): He said he fixed it, but it went really fast and you said it was more complex with more things that had to be done.

Just… no. Listen to the words I say. Don’t interpret. The words are LITERALLY what I mean. There is no between the lines.

My partner calls me “very literal” and “part vulcan” (we’re re-watching Star Trek, it came up). I choose to see these as a compliments.

Pivot tables from God

An American (a biiit higher up in the chain) is here this week to train us in using a new reporting program. As we were going through the introduction this exchange happened:

me: So this is basically like a really clever pivot table?
American: This is like the pivot table FROM GOD!! (wild body language)

Made me laugh.


Dude! I don’t know. Work sucks, with 2 long-term illnesses in the team we’re spread very thin, and it’s starting to get to me. Makes me hum this Johnossi line: “What’s the point of doing anything”.

So I was going to do the TTT for today, but the books that come to mind are all ones I’ve listed before, so I won’t. Instead, see a picture of our little plants:


Sent it to my brother, whose response was “Mom says you aren’t allowed to grow drugs”. To which the only reasonable response of course is – you can have 5 plants for own use! And these are mainly cucumbers and tomatoes.

Cologne was nice and the weather awesome. And somehow I came back with these…


How can you say no to free books? (This is only like a fourth of what I COULD have brought back, so I behaved.)

Oh Monday morning…

…you know those Monday mornings when a fire alarm goes off in a train tunnel and all trains between the 2nd and 3rd biggest cities are cancelled? And your options are an even longer train trip or taking the metro (“subway”*)? And then you have to stand like this for 40 minutes because everyone else also want to get to work… (and then still take another train! Because why not.) And you arrive at work 1 hour later than planned?

Yeah, the week can start better.


* Technically it’s called “Randstadrail” but it’s exactly the same as the Rotterdam Metro.

October blog challenge 2016 part 3 of 5

I’ll pretend I had better things to do this weekend (got my hair dyed and went to a poetry recital in Amsterdam…), and here’s part 3 of the blog challenge.

Tips For A New Blogger
Clearly I’m not qualified to do this, but I’d say write about something that interests you and don’t go crazy with the colors on your website. Ugly coloring and hard to read fonts can make me abandon blogs I used to enjoy.

Who’s In Your Playlist
Who isn’t?! Well. These are the last two songs added to “my songs” in Spotify:

Things You’re Looking Forward To
Iceland Airwaves! T-minus 10 days now. And on Wednesday I’m going to Stockholm with work. I added a vacation day and get a long weekend there, which happens to coincide with a surprise birthday party for a friend.

Pet Peeves
I will unfriend you in all ways possible if you eat/chew and talk at the same time. Pick one. You’re not starving.

Also, one of my colleagues has a nervous tick that means he keeps clicking his pen while he’s on the phone. So I regularly have to go “Put. The. Pen. Away.” or it’s office assault waiting to happen.

People who talk in the silent cart in the train.

Yes! I have tattoos which will not be pictured. A nautical star on my upper arm and cherries on my collar bone. I want more but so much effort/money!

Wordless Wednesday
4th Nov 2015:


The social interactions

Today’s my birthday! I’m surprisingly fine with (very soon) being closer to 40 than 30. No age crisis quite yet. As Dutch custom has it, I also brought treats for my colleagues. Unfortunately, Dutch custom also has it that the proper way to congratulate someone on their birthday is to kiss their cheeks. And not once, but three friggin’ times per person.

Think of that, and add anti-social me, and you can see why this is not my favorite day of the year.

Fun notes regarding the cheek kissing in NL: iamexpat & stuffdutchpeoplelike.


Proper home made Swedish kanelbullar. (And yes they’re all different sizes because I’m not very good at making them. They were still delicious though.)