100 Day Song Challenge – #96

A song “you’ve seen performed live”.

Two of the first shows that really blew me away was when going to Umeå Open in 2005. First I saw Le Tigre and was all “omg!!!!” (and bought a t-shirt that I sadly had to throw away this year 😦 ). Then I saw The (International) Noise Conspiracy, and was equally impressed. (And obviously that’s what I told their singer when I saw him in a train in Sweden. My only celebrity sighting ever, and then most people didn’t even know who it was… He was in Refused damnit!)

100 Day Song Challenge – #95

A song “currently stuck in your head”. Well.

I started preparing this list when Lisa introduced me to this challenge, and at that point it was this song (just.. don’t watch this. just listen. they look ridiculous and the band name makes me cringe):

Right now I don’t have a song that i’m obsessed with, but I do like this one. It’s in Swedish and way too optimistic and upbeat for me, but what can I do?

“Och vi ska också glömmas bort, och aldrig talas om igen”

100 Day Song Challenge – #94

This challenge is coming towards its end and I will actually miss it! It’s been rather handy to have this as a back up when I can’t think of things or am too busy to prepare posts.

A song “from a really obscure band”. As always, we could have a discussion here about what makes something count as obscure, but whatever.

How about this little gem from 1978? 999 Me and my desire:

100 Day Song Challenge – #93

A song “with an acoustic version better than the original”. Well. Not sure if they mean the cover has to be by the same artist, or if it can be an acoustic cover?

I choose the latter. And since Lisa’s been talking about this guy until I listened to him (and now love it!), it’s time for Dustin Kensrue. Bonus points for actually being amusing while chatting. (Minus points to the people laughing at the choice of song.)

100 Day Song Challenge – #92

A song “cover better than the original”. So many choices!! I listen quite a bit to covers. There’s just something about another artist interpreting a song and giving it a different meaning that appeals to me.

That being said… I picked a punkish cover of an r’n’b song. So not so much feelings, but it has ukulele in it! It’s Me First & The Gimme Gimmes I Believe I Can Fly:

Also performed live here, but they’re talking and stuff before, so skip to 2:45: