The Circle – Book versus Movie #2

As previously mentioned, a college lent me The Circle. If not, I don’t think I would’ve read it (the name and cover do nothing for me, and it’s written by a man). This post contains some spoilers.

The Book:
I had some conflicting feelings when reading the book, mainly having to do with the (lack of) depth of the female lead. Throughout the whole book she is this receptacle who just accepts that the Circle (think bigger than Google & FB) are good, no matter what they do. Meanwhile, she’s surrounded by men who are telling her the TRUTH. But she’s basically too stupid to get it. And don’t get me started on her “relationship” with Francis. FFS.

“Mae knew the easy trick that had been played upon her. He was thin, and without any muscle tone, his eyes were weak, and he had a pronounced problem with premature ejaculation, yet simply because she’d seen the lust in Jackie’s eyes, Mae found herself wanting to be alone with him again. She wanted to bring him into her room that night.” (I don’t know the page, I was too annoyed to make a note)

“”C’mon. You can’t listen to a lunatic like that,” Francis said.
“What does she know? Some crank somewhere with a tin-foil hat.”
Mae smiled, not knowing what the tin-foil hat reference meant, but knowing she’d heard her father say it, and it made her smile to think of him saying it.” (p. 393)

However, if you ignore the poorly built characters, I enjoyed the storyline itself, and kept reading cause I really wanted to see how it would end.

The Movie:
While reading the book, I realized that Emma Watson was in the movie, so obviously I had to watch that as well, despite the 5.3 rating.

And I have to say, I didn’t find it that bad. Having read the book, you know what’s going on, but it feels like the story has some gaps. That’s of course understandable when turning a book into a (less than) 2 hour movie. Emma’s great of course, and Tom Hank’s alright (although in my head, Eamon looked more like ABBA-Benny). And I’m happy to report that FRANCIS DOESN’T EXIST. And Mae’s smarter than in the book.


The Girl With All the Gifts – Book versus Movie #1

I read this book a while back and quite enjoyed it. Not my favorite zombie book, but definitely in the top 10 (if we count the Autumn (yes, I went there again) series as 1, and Newsflesh as 1). It takes a somewhat different spin of the story and Melanie is a great narrator. While I didn’t manage to catch the movie adaptation in the cinema (it didn’t show at my local ones), I’ve seen it now!

And? I’m a firm believer of “the book was better”, and I still think that was the case here – but not by much. The movie’s storyline stays pretty true to the book, and the characters gave me the same kind of feeling as they did in the book. (I’ll allow the last third veering off a bit, the end was still “right”.)