The worst season…

…of Buffy! See what I did there? I like fall/autumn. It’s dark and cozy and it makes perfect sense to light candles and stay inside. (Although, as discussed with Lisa, I don’t have to go through the treacherous season that is Swedish fall with ice and snow. But I miss the snow…)

So anyway, let’s talk about the horror that starts with episode 16, Season 5 of Buffy. I mean technically I guess it starts the episode prior to that one, when Buffy comes home and finds her mom lifeless on the couch. This season makes me hate Joss Whedon just a little bit. Sure the actors are great and convincing, but man what a drag it is to watch. I don’t need to cry this much (yes, even though I know what’s going to happen). Dying moms, what’s sadder than that?


100 Day Song Challenge – #23

I woke up today, and my brain can’t fathom that it’s only friggin’ Wednesday. How is this possible? It feels like the week’s been going on FOREVER. In other news Buffy’s now dating Riley (who is kind of a bore?), Willow’s into Tara and Xander’s dating the ex-vengeance demon. So all is well in the Buffyverse.

I’ve been thinking about this next theme for the song challenge. A song that “everyone knows the lyrics to”. Who’s everyone in this scenario? The answer differs depending on if I’d ask friends, colleagues or family.

We’ve been trying to lighten the spirits on the slow Friday afternoons at work, and doing an informal music quiz with one of our IT persons. Theme: the 80s (not my choice!) Apparently everyone in the office from 1977-1985 know this one:

Buffy quotes #2

Angel went bad, then good again and the mayor ate the principal. (So in other words, I’m done with season 3 now.) I’m a bit surprised at how much I still like it. Not questioning the show at all really, just impressed that it’s aged so well. Probably will have to buy the whole DVD set I guess?

Xander: “She’s possessed.”

Giles: “Possessed by what?”

Willow: “Aaah, a possessing thing!”

Giles: “Well that narrows it down.”

Xander: “Maybe when the master killed her, some mystical bad-guy transference thing happened?”

Willow: “That’s what it was! Why else would she be acting like such a B-I-T-C-H?

Giles: “I think we’re all a little too old to be spelling things out.

Xander: “A Bitca?”

Giles: “…yes.”

Buffy quote(s)

I’ve started re-watching Buffy. This is obviously something that should be done regularly, cause I had forgotten how good it really is/was. I just finished season 1, so there will most likely be more posts about this, I just wanted to share this quote that was new to me:

Giles: “Testosterone is a great equalizer, it turns all men into morons.” (s1e6)

And they’re all so young! I watched Bones until it went crap, and now I still go “oh look at David Boreanaz!” every time Angel appears. Baby face. And what happened to Xander? I can’t remember seeing him in anything after this show?