Currently Reading

My two newbie colleagues are both readers – imagine my delight (the rest of the team are not). So me and the first one have already started lending each other books. Both books I’m currently reading are thus from her, but to be fair, concerning the second one she said “it’s not really a good book.. but… yeah”.

71Wm7ULPejLThere’s something about Nigerian writers. How come there are so many good ones? Part of my yearly reading challenge is to read writers from “new” countries, but Africa remains somewhat of a struggle for me. Except Nigeria.

This fictional book is about African women who are (more or less) tricked into becoming prostitutes in Belgium. So far it’s… disturbing but well written.


So to take the edge off human trafficking, I am also reading this one. I both hate it and am intrigued. There’s not a single character I like, and the main character is one of the shallowest I’ve encountered (and the amount of mansplaining? gosh). But I still want to know what’ll happen.