week 39 / #ibelieveher


Reading list

A colleague lent me Belinda Bauer’s book Snap and I finished it in 2 days. She doesn’t have the most original story lines, but man how she writes, and how real her characters feel!


This week has shown me again why I prefer Instagram to the other social medias. (Yeah yeah, it also depends on who you follow.) #ibelieveher #believesurvivors

I’m debating with myself about whether or not I should buy this shiny thing:



  • I can make smoothies and shakes without having to lug my food processor out of its drawer.
  • The cups can go in the dishwasher (not so for the machine mentioned above).


  • I mean… another machine? Will I use it?


Going (when this is posted I guess it’s went?) to Haarlem with friends S & S after work Friday and staying overnight. There will be drinks and good food and probably some shopping.

week 37 / better late than never


Wed-Fri my breakfast (which I’m usually very poor at actually eating) consisted of an oatmeal/protein powder shake from this book, and I have to say… not bad! The taste is fine (I quite like artificial flavors, so no issue using protein powder) and I didn’t get hungry before lunch. Also tried bell pepper with hummus as a “snack” during the day (mmm, hummus) and that was nice. Don’t worry though, I have no intention of changing lunch or dinner, especially since we’re still doing the food box thing for dinners.


To-do list

  • Checking if we’re actually signed in with our new doctor. (Pref. before anyone gets sick.)
  • Get a dentist.
  • Get new night lenses.



week 36 / one I actually put some effort into


Sommarprat av Sara Parkman och Samantha Ohlanders. (link) “Hellre solidarisk än solid och arisk.” Om folkmusik, politik och feminism.


Reading list

Watch your step: why the 10,000 daily goal is built on bad science


I have a new insta account I love (note the hashtag)! This:

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So I guess I just buy books Lisa is enthusiastic about now? 😛


(Both written by men! So I’ll have to read extra book so they don’t ruin my stats!)



week 33/ briefly


Man. Apparently I’m no longer used to (the kind of) Swedish food (that my family eats), and my stomach was NOT HAPPY while I was there. Now I’m back for less than a week, and everything (stomach-wise) is A-OK. Apparently I’m one of the old people who requires lots and lots of vegetables now. That’s certainly not a bad thing.


So friend L and I have booked our tickets to go to Iceland Airwaves again this year, so the playlist now is this:

week 32/ an extensive one



We drove around a lot for 4 days, and what did I make pictures of? Waterfalls and kittens, that’s what.

The kittens people! Totally adorable. They’re 8 weeks old, climb up on you and fall asleep in your lap while purring. Irresistible.

Reading list

Not a great reading week because I had literally no alone time, and feel the need to actively hang out with my family when I’m actually there. I did pick this up at Amsterdam airport, and read about a third on the way there though:




I quite liked this cheap serum from Swedish Kronan pharmacy, so it was time to repurchase.

week 31/this one’s actually done in time


As it’s cooled down a bit this week (like, 27-29 C rather than 37 C), we haven’t ordered food! (*pats self on back*) My favorites this week were the Korean beef wraps and the oven baked aubergine with pasta. I would show pictures, but I don’t have any. You can imagine it 😛



I fly to Sweden on Saturday for a week of vacation with the family (and they’ve planned this road trip, meaning we’ll barely be “at home” at all?). Meanwhile the security people at Amsterdam airport are – as far as I understand – taking extra breaks and shit (rather than going on strike), leading to “additional delays” on top of it being the busiest period at the airport since it’s school vacations. Not stressing me out. AT. ALL.