Yesterday was, as you will know if you live in or near Europe (and, I guess, Australia?), the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. A mind boggling concept for outsiders, I’m of course from Sweden, where this is takenĀ very seriously. I used to have zero interest in it, but after moving abroad, my international friends love it, and I guess I’ve been brainwashed/indoctrinated? It’s now a must, and should be watched on the BBC where Graham Norton provides snarky comments.

As usual there are acts that stand out due to… (let’s call it) originality. But far more interesting this year was that there’s a song I really, genuinely, like! Of course she didn’t win, but she did pretty good – Blanche from Belgium:

My mom’s favorite (I think she was ironic? Graham Norton’s comment: “You think my job is easy, look at the guy who pretends to play saxophone for 3 minutes”):

Dutchie’s favorite (“Because of the horse-man”) :

The actual winner was Portugal, for the first time ever in 53 years: