Vegan Buddha Bowl

So in my efforts to eat less meat I was looking for easy vegetarian or vegan lunches that I can bring to work, and I stumbled upon this recipe; Thai Tempeh Buddha Bowl. Which I still think sounds nice and I don’t mind tempeh (as long as it’s been marinated in something), so I thought I’d give it a try.

In the dish’s defence I have to say that I forgot to buy cabbage and you can’t buy cashew butter in normal stores here. I tried with almond butter instead and that was disgusting. Also, smoked or pre-marinated tempeh is not to be found, so I bought plain and mixed it with some stuff that was in the fridge.

End result? Meh. It was OK. I finished it and was more or less full. It would probably be nicer with the sauce, now it ended up quite dry. Not even close to my favorite recipe containing tempeh (this one!).

So… any recommendations for vegetarian┬ámeals that are suitable for my lunch box are very welcome. Preferably they shouldn’t take too much effort either!