…and now it will explode

You know when your friends say things that make you go “this is why I like┬áthis person!”?

I installed Apple Music on my Samsung phone*. Upon hearing this, my friend Sandra (almost completely seriously) said “…and now it will explode!”. She also accidentally bumped into a glass wall due to a misjudgment regarding the distance between said wall and her face.


*This is the status: Spotify is great, but not all music is on it. Itunes is horrific, but I use a mac so it’s more or less unavoidable. I have purchased music in Itunes that I can’t listen to on my Android phone because, since it’s apple, I don’t get to touch anything useful like.. mp3s. Moan moan. And then they have the balls to complain about people downloading music. Make it accessible before judging.