Relaxing Saturday

So this is the first Saturday in like 2 months that I’m not doing anything, and as much as I’ve looked forward to it I have to say I’m a bit… restless? I’ve had a rough past week and don’t have the calmness to read right now so that doesn’t help. Tomorrow there are people coming over for my birthday (you know, just 2 months late) so I’m going to bake a cake – should maybe just get started with that!

Meanwhile I’ll share one of our “new finds” (even the none new ones feel new to me, but this one is actually quite new – first songs released this year) from Iceland Airwaves; HILDUR. We heard her by accident and really enjoyed it 🙂

*Not sure about the dog though? Like.. why?

** Or the tub..? I should possibly have watched the video before linking to it. Whatever. Don’t watch it, just listen.