This is a love note

I’ve been to some nice cities (like Helsinki, London, Paris, Berlin, Lissabon, Florence!) but my favorite by far is Reykjavík. The first time I went there was in 2010, and we did the very touristy visit at Blue Lagoon as well as the “Golden Circle Tour” and learned how Icelanders (supposedly? according to Icelandair) are more likely to believe in elves than god.

This is a picture from my first visit:


It was late October/early November and snowed. And I loved it still. 3 years later we took our mom there and did pretty much the same touristy things again, and I loved it no less. Plus I managed to take this picture which I still think is pretty nice:


And then in 2014 my colleague uttered the words “you should watch the documentary about Iceland Airwaves on youtube”. And here we are – going every November since, and wanting to live there.



My crush on Iceland shows no sign of lessening, and the apartment we’re staying in is so nice I’d like to keep it and move here. Here’s a picture of a singing Icelander: