August Wrap Up

Inspired by Lise, and prompted by Lisa, here’s another topic from this week’s Endless Blog Challenge – August Wrap Up.

The (Finished) Books:

Elena Ferrante – Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay. Part 3 in the Neapolitan series
Julia Skott – Kroppspanik : fett, lögner och sjukt onödig ångest.
Elena Ferrante – The Story of the Lost Child. Part 4 (final!) of the Neapolitan series.
Alexandra Potter – Don’t you forget about me.
Ursula Poznanski – Die Verratenen.

So I’ve finally finished the Neapolitan series by (pen name) Elena Ferrante. I have to say that the second book was a bit of a lull for me, but it picked up again, and was well worth reading. Julia Skott’s book was an interesting and useful read (that I’ll surely get back to), and then I needed some chick lit to get less depressed.

The Movies:

It seems the movies and series have a slight Skarsgård-clan theme this month. (Father) Stellan in River – about a hallucinating detective grieving his partner, (eldest son) Alex as awkward and a little bit creepy Monroe in Diary of a Teenage Girl, and (oh-I-don’t-know – middle? son) Bill in a supporting role in Atomic Blonde. If you’re only gonna see one of these movies, I’d suggest The Lobster or Manchester by the Sea. Not that the others were bad, but those two have stayed with me.

Atomic Blonde (cinema!)
The Lobster.
Swiss Army Man.
Florence Foster Jenkins.
Diary of a Teenage Girl.
La La Land.
Manchester by the Sea.

The Shows:

Sense8 season 2.
Fargo (started season 3).
Agents of SHIELD (Started season 4).

After the season finale of Sense8, I was/am quite upset that the show’s been cancelled. Sure, finance vs popularity bla bla, but I want to see where the story goes, damnit.

The Songs: