Shall I compare thee to…

…shit? I don’t even know where to start with this book. There are so many things about it that really, really annoy me. Under these kind of circumstances I would normally stop reading (I am getting better at that, but it’s still work in progress – the poor book! to just discard it??). In the case of James Rollins’ book Bloodline that would – should! – have happened around the first chapter when they were talking about genetical modification to achieve eternal life. I was (figuratively) rolling my eyes already, and it went downhill from there.


Look, I know that the characters have to be like über smart for a book of this genre to work. I know this. And I have read tons of them without it ever having annoyed me to this degree. Maybe it’s me?  Sorry James, it’s not your book, it’s… no. It’s definitely the book. Ffs.

In the book’s defense, this is part 8 of “the Sigma force” (and everyone ever having worked with Six Sigma snorts at the name). Maybe it’s better if you’ve read the first 7 books? Maybe it’s better if you don’t work for a company that, at least peripherally, works with genetics? Goodreads members says it’s a 4+. I still claim it’s totally not me and I gave it a 1.