The Sun & Her Flowers

I was quite excited about the second book released by Rupi Kaur, but I fear I might have held too high expectations. It was of course still worth reading, and not at all bad, but I also didn’t have the revelation (of sorts) that I had with the first one. Which kind of makes sense. This bok feels more personal though, and as if she’s carrying her heart on her sleeve, which I appreciate.


Ásgeir & Sóley – new album reviews

Friday 5th marked the release of new albums from two of my favorite Icelandic artists – Ásgeir & Sóley. It’s his second album and her third, and I was confused that they released on the same day cause I thought they were on the same label (turns out they’re not).

Afterglow (Spotify link)
Ásgeir’s debut Dýrð í Dauðaþögn (2012)

First of all, to me the intro to the new song Stardust really has the same feel as Leyndarmál (King & Cross in the translated version). And that’s the one song I haven’t saved from the old album cause I just don’t like it.  And man, I’m torn. I want to like this album so bad, cause the first album was just wonderful, with songs like this:

Sadly, the parts I liked the best – the quiet(ish) singing with acoustic guitars – are basically not there (apart from the two songs I enjoyed most). Instead most songs have the feel I dislike of Leyndarmál. In addition to this, it kind of bugs me that he’s singing in English. Part of the allure of the debut album for me was that I had no idea what he was singing about, but instead I was completely reliant on the melody and how he sang. After some more listens, I grade this album “meh”. It’s not bad (I mean come on), but it’s also not that catchy. Maybe it’ll grow on me?

Plus. This is the video to Stardust. Eh?

Favorite song(s): Nothing (& Underneath It)

Endless Summer (Spotify link)
Ask the Deep (2015)

Also Sóley had big shoes to fill – I LOVED her previous album. It’s all dark and gloomy.
Example, one of my favorites from that one – Dark Eyed Lady

So I was reluctant here, figuring it’d be very difficult to live up to my expectations. She managed though. The album has a completely different feeling that the previous one (less despair). It’s still not cheery pop music, but in comparison it’s quite upbeat. And for me, this just works. Her singing is as pretty as ever, and the songs are good. You may call me hypocritical for not dissing her singing in English too, but whatevs. Grade: “yay!”

Favorite song: Never Cry Moon

Video of favorite song: