She did it better (#2)

This weekend I fell down the rabbit hole that is Youtube, and watched lots of music clips. Then I remembered this one (saw a clip where Max Martin got the Polar Prize and mentioned Lasse Holm’s “Växeln hallå” – watched that, then a comment mentioned “Just nu”, which made me think of this). There’s this show on Swedish TV4 where (more or less) well-known artists get together a week and cover each other’s songs. One of the first years, two of the participants were E-Type and Laleh.

This is the original (which I recommend you watch/listen to first):

(This was a hit when I was in high school btw, such was the popular music in end of nineties Sweden.)

Then she did this, and I still get goosebumps from it:

She did it better (#1)

There are two Swedish artists who are popular in my demographic, and who you’d guess I probably like, who I absolutely cannot stand.

One is Kent. The other is Håkan Hellström. I just cannot. Kent are whiney and Håkan can’t sing. You may like them if you wish, but I will not discuss this matter further 😛

So, that being said, there used to be a Swedish band called Broder Daniel (Brother Daniel), who were also not great (Håkan was in it). One of their big hits was this song:

So, you know. When this song appeared in my Discover Weekly, I thought “hey, I recognize this?”. And can we just agree that she did it better? Kthx.