Shake it

Not that long ago our weekly meal box contained a recipe (and ingredients… duh) for shakshuka. We picked this meal because my partner thought the name was funny (and that is, apparently, how we roll). Now we’ve had this meal box plan thing for well over a year and while some meals have been really nice, most are good and very few have been less nice, there aren’t many recipes I redo or recommend to others. But this one… eat it! (Unless you’re vegan… then… I don’t know. Maybe you’re creative enough to come up with your own version?)

How they say it should look when ready:


How mine looked (in the pan! I made lunch boxes out of it):


The recipe we got, for 2 people:

1 onion
2 garlic cloves
0.5 red chili
1 yellow bell pepper
4 tomatoes
“krul” parsley (I dunno? curly parsley? is that a thing?)
4 eggs
75 gr goat cheese
olive oil
vegetable bouillon (0.5 cube)

Cut all the vegetables (they have guidelines for how, but I think you’ll manage just fine). Cook the garlic, onion and chili 2 minutes on low heat. Add bell pepper, tomatoes and half the parsley as well as 30 ml water per person. Crumble the bouillon cube over the rest and stir until it boils. Cover and let cook for 5 minutes.

Make an indentation in the middle of the pan and put the (obviously cracked!) eggs in there. Season with salt and pepper and crumble the goat cheese over. Cover and let cook for 10 minutes (but remove the lid the last 4, and increase the heat).

Serve with bread (to soak up all the nice gooey stuff) and the rest of the parsley.